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Purchasing A Custom Car For Sale

What is the difference between a customized Classic Car and a Restomod?

A restoration refers to bringing back a classic car to its former glory by only using all (or mostly) original factory parts. The vehicle undergoes a complete makeover both externally and internally. When the restoration is complete, you should have a vehicle in pristine condition that looks just as good as it did when it was manufactured all those years ago.

On the other hand, a Restomod is a process where you perform a restoration on a classic vehicle but incorporate modern-day technology to improve performance. With most Restomod projects, the outer appearance of the vehicle retains its classic appeal, but the inside is replaced with the latest technology to truly give you an improved ride.

In summary, a restoration focuses on original parts and the intricate details of the car while a Restomod is custom-built, focusing on looks,  safety, performance, and modern electronics.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a custom car:

  • Buy the best quality car you can afford
  • Know how to evaluate various quality & value attributes of a classic car
  • Start with a good car to end up with a good car
  • Have realistic expectations and be patient
  • Do your due diligence before spending your money
  • Consider purchasing a classic car as an investment
  • Look out for major damage and rust
  • Consider the cost of upkeep and rare parts
  • Ask the seller if you can take it out for a test drive
  • Your mechanical knowledge and abilities are important consideration

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