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Our customer service and sales team is ready to help you BUY A CAR or SELL Your Car. For immediate help, Call 689-688-6348, or contact us via our website.

General FAQs

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YES. We are located in Central Florida. APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED in advance to view a specific vehicle in our Inventory. Contact Sales

Our showroom is only Virtual; Online-Only. APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED in advance to view a specific vehicle in our Inventory. Contact Sales

We strive to advertise our HOT ROD Inventory online as truthful as possible and we point out any issues related to the car that we are aware of and post upwards of 125+ photos per vehicle.

Before you buy any hot rod sight unseen it is very prudent to ask as many questions as possible either by email or over the phone to make sure you are getting what you expect.

No. The FSD HOT ROD RANCH only buys clean vehicles from the Contiguous United States.

Yes! The FSD HOT ROD RANCH accepts, Trades + Cash” only. Please contact us to speak with our sales department. We’ll encourage you to send detailed Photos of your vehicle:

  • Front
  • Sides
  • Back
  • Engine
  • Undercarriage
  • Front steering assembly
  • Rearend
  • Paint, Body, or mechanical Flaws
  • Any unique details

Yes! The FSD HOT ROD RANCH has purchased multiple cars from the same owner, individually, and in bulk. 

Yes! In fact, the FSD HOT ROD RANCH sells and delivers a majority of our hot rods all over the United States! We offer easy conditions and feature many many photos (Up to 100+) of every car detail on our website and partner websites, ie. Haggerty, and eBay.

YES! The FSD HOT ROD RANCH has a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE that can be found by Clicking Here.

We’re SOCIAL! Also visit our BLOG!

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