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Welcome to the world of Restomods at FSD Hot Rod Ranch, where classic beauty meets modern innovation.

What’s a Restomod, you ask? It’s a timeless classic car or pickup truck, lovingly restored, and upgraded with today’s top-notch parts and technology.

At FSD Hot Rod Ranch, we take pride in offering Restomods & Customs for Sale that aren’t just showpieces but fully equipped machines ready for the open road. Imagine cruising in a vintage car with all the comforts of today, like Air Ride suspension, state-of-the-art digital audio, sleek door poppers, stylish after-market wheels, and yes, even AIR CONDITIONING on select models!

Our Restomods are more than cars; they’re a salute to the golden era of automotive craftsmanship, enhanced with today’s conveniences. Take a look at our best restomod & custom cars and trucks for sale below, and if something catches your eye, don’t hesitate to Contact Uswe’re here for you 7 Days a Week!

Restomods & Customs For Sale

1941 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe All Steel Restomod

1941 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

Selling this beautiful, ALL-Steel 1941 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window Coupe that has been fully-restored but modified with restomod-style upgrades w/ Air Conditioner! Must-See!


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